Carls Cruise Cutter

Carls Cruise Cutter

Ever wanted a cruise ship holiday? Here’s how to do it almost for free…

If you’ve spent years dreaming of a cruise ship holiday (But could never afford it) then keep reading because you’re about to learn insider cruise ship secrets that could save you thousands of dollars every time you cruise.

And with these secrets you’ll save so much money that a luxury cruise could easily be within your gasp…and for those of you who are veteran cruise goers, well, these secrets could probably save you so much money you’ll be able to double the time you spend onboard.

And you know these secrets reviewed by Carls Cruise Cutterare the real deal because this book was written by a former cruise ship officer.

His name is David Kirkland and for over 10 years he was a hard-working 3 stripe officer at a major cruise line.

David loved his job but in recent years he became disgusted at the way cruise ship companies are ripping off their guests.

Turns out they have dozens of dirty tricks for getting extra money out of you and are experts at getting travellers to empty out their pockets while onboard. It’s worse than Las Vegas, the ships layout, the colors, the music, everything is designed to get you to spend more money.

And besides that cruise lines charge you absurdly inflated prices for everything from drinks, spa treatments, shore excursions, internet, laundry, photographs, alternate dining, gifts, souvenirs and more.

And when David decided he was no longer going to trick passengers into spending obscene amounts of money he was fired on the spot!

So now he’s speaking out and exposing the cruise ship industry…

With his extensive industry knowledge, he’s going to give you an astonishing, one of a kind, behind the scenes look into how you can save a boatload of money on every cruise you ever take.

These are secrets that could only come from someone inside the industry.

For example, just by reading this guide once you’ll learn how to avoid the critical mistakes that most passengers make…6 little known methods that allow you to cruise for free…and the dirty hidden truths about excursion programs.

And that’s not all…

You’ll also learn exactly what the crew members think and say about the passengers. Then you’ll hear how to use this essential information to become the most favored passenger onboard.

But David’s saved the best for last. Did you know that certain crew members have the authority to provide guests with gifts and benefits that usually cost hundreds?

He will tell you how to get on this VIP list and become one of the guests who are given thousands of dollars in free gifts and perks.

With what you’ll learn in this guide the sky is the limit in terms of how much money you can save.

And if you’d like to take a look at these money saving cruise ship secrets then go here and you can download it now.

These secrets work like magic, and you’ll thank me when you’re stretched out on a beach chair, throwing back martinis, dining in style…and doing it almost for free thanks to Carls Cruise Cutter site!


Carls Cruise Cutter

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